Exports of Indonesian Palm Oil Continue to Grow

ClickBorneo.Info – Executive Director of the Indonesian Palm Oil Entrepreneurs Association (GAPKI), Fadhil Hasan, said Indonesia’s palm oil exports are still experiencing growth because the global demand for commodities is still high.

“The export performance of Indonesian palm oil products in January to May 2017 reached 12.10 million tons. The number is up 29% compared to the same period last year worth 9.35 million tons,” he said in Jakarta, Friday (07/28/2017 )

The increase in demand for palm oil from Indonesia also occurred in various countries, such as Bangladesh which rose 29% from 124,950 tons in April 2017 to 163,270 tons in May 2017. The increase in demand also occurred from India which increased 12%.

GAPKI also noted an increase in demand from the United States. Indonesia’s exports to the United States increased 43% from April 2017 to 83,700 tons to 119,950 tons.

Meanwhile, global CPO prices showed an upward trend in May 2017 compared to April 2017. Prices moved in the range of US $ 695 per metric ton to US $ 740 per metric ton.

In June 2017, global CPO prices were in a downward trend with a range of US $ 640 per metric ton to US $ 725 per metric ton. Meanwhile, in the first two weeks of July 2017, prices were still moving stagnant below US $ 700 per metric ton.

Source: borneonews.com

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