Going through Palangkaraya, a strong candidate for the new capital city of Indonesia

ClickBorneo.Info – President Jokowi has appointed directly the National Planning and Development Agency (Bappenas) to review plans to move the capital city. This was triggered by the reason Jakarta was considered to be very densely populated. It is hoped that plans to move the Capital City will be completed by the end of this year.

One of the strongest candidates for the prospective capital city is the City of Palangka Raya in Central Kalimantan Province. An area of ​​300 thousand hectares (ha) has been prepared, if the central government will finally realize the plan.

The air route is the fastest access that can be reached to this city from Jakarta. Tjilik Riwut Airport is the only gateway that connects Jakarta.

Another alternative that can be taken to Palangka Raya is through Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan, but it still needs to take 4 to 5 hours to arrive at Palangka, usually the locals call it.

“As happened in 2015 yesterday, when there was smoke from forest fires, the city of Palangkaraya was totally paralyzed. So people who want to get out, run to Banjarmasin,” said Alex, one of the local residents.

Just like Jakarta, this city on the largest island in Indonesia still has a Western Indonesia Time zone. This makes residents who will later move to this location do not have to bother changing their watches.

The center of Palangka Raya can be reached in around 20 minutes from Tjilik Riwut Airport with a distance of about 13 km. Unlike Jakarta, the road taken from the airport is still an arterial road, not a highway or toll road. However, the road conditions were smooth and there were no holes or collapsed.

As is known, with the discourse of transferring the capital, Jakarta will become a business center, like New York, which was replaced by the role of its capital city with Washington DC in the United States (US). Even though the new city being studied will be the new face of the central government.

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