About Us

Click Borneo there is a portal in the network that contains a variety of inspirational information that occurs in Borneo or other terms from Kalimantan Island. As one of the largest islands in Indonesia, Borneo actually stores a variety of noble cultural assets and abundant natural resources.

In today’s information era, ‘Click’ (read: Click) is a term used to select certain objects / menus. But in a broader sense, Click or ‘Clique’ in German can also mean a small group formed from a variety of larger groups because of the similarity of objectives with relatively high frequency of relationships or frequent encounters.

In other words, Click Borneo would like to invite the public to participate in choosing Borneo or Kalimantan which has become a symbol of unity, as the people are united with nature and united with each other even though they come from different backgrounds. So that the noble values ​​contained in it are maintained.

Presented with a language that is easy to understand, Click Borneo is committed to always presenting information about various things that are able to maintain the noble value of culture in Borneo in order to advance the lives of the people who are in it.