The meaning of the term Borneo

ClickBorneo.Info – Kalimantan is a well-known term pinned to the world’s third largest island. There are three countries whose regions are on this island, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei Darussalam. Besides the island of Kalimantan, the term ‘Borneo’ is well-known as another name for the island with the title ‘World Lung’. However, do you know the origin and meaning of the Borneo term? And since when was the term used?

It is the Europeans who popularized the word ‘Borneo’ because many Borneol trees (Dryobalanops Camphora) were found. The tree contains Terpetin, which is the basic ingredient for making perfume and camphor oil. At the beginning of the arrival of Europeans to the Archipelago, Borneol became one of the natural resources that they were after.

There is also another popular source that states that Borneo is a term addressed to a kingdom called Brunei Darussalam which is located in the northern part of the island of Borneo. Entering the British and Dutch colonial era in the archipelago in the early 16th century, the kingdom was very well known by Europeans. Because it is difficult for Europeans to pronounce Brunei, they are used to ringing it with Borneo.

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